Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Random Wednesday Thoughts

I'm dying for some spring, anything spring-y.  Would love to see a simple crocus blooming.  Woke up to this instead.  That is a pretty monochromatic white.  Even the trashcan is snowed in!

Saw this yesterday before the snow.  It gave me hope.  Glad to have the taxes delivered in person to the accountant, whose office is near Skyview.  Come on, Wyatt, Big Money, Big Money!

Insurance is a mixed bag sometimes.  Tom's cpap machine is dying.  Home health suggested that it's probably time for a new machine for him.  Insurance will pay for us to rent a new cpap machine for $60/ month.  Forever, or until he meets his deductible this year.  Then we start the rental all over again next year.  Hello, I can pay cash for one for $500 and be done!  I hate monthly payments of any sort, and it's not like osa goes away.  Hence the taxes out of my hands early.

We were making the bed yesterday morning and I was crabbing about how I hate the pillow peninsula in the middle that I keep my arm propped up on.  We have never been super-snuggly, but it's kinda nice when your husband reaches out to hold your hand in the middle of the night.  Except the only part of my hand not covered is my fingertips.  I was feeling sorry for us, and Tom reminded me that the pillow pile represented life and survival.  Perspective, Folks.  It's all about perspective.  I will try a pump and sleeve for my arm in 2 weeks, kinda like the leg pumps at the hospital, that I would wear for an hour or so a day, and need to make an appointment to get a more permanent night-time sleeve that looks a whole lot like a giant oven mit covered in pantyhose, fingertips to armpit.  Dang, won't that be romantic!!

Loved seeing these moments last Saturday morning.  Evan is playing Upward basketball, and scored the 2nd & last baskets of the game.  Colby is doing swim lessons at the local rec center.  Trying to keep them both moving in the cold & snow.

Procrastinating my homework.  Yep, believe that is what this post is.  I *hope* I am back at work in two weeks.  Got a group project to do and a paper/ presentation to write before then.  Maybe Evan can teach me how to use PowerPoint!

Health-wise?  Back to the Plastics doc next week.  He will examine & make sure the seroma isn't re-accumulating.  And I hope hope hope he will release me to do some Range of Motion, ya know, before my shoulders freeze and I have to find an ortho doc for that.  And before I go back to work.  If I can't lift 2 lb weights, I can't move 300 lb patients.  I would love to walk on my treadmill.  It's kinda hard to keep my weight in check sitting in a recliner or at the kitchen table reading, when the kitchen is 15 feet away.